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Internet Marketing Services

PPC Rep helps online business owners get buying customers by integrating quality advertising services through diversified search engine technologies for the last 8 years. We have been a major, integral part of helping corporations and individuals bring in $25 Million in revenue for their businesses through advanced, white-hat SEO strategies and advanced PPC techniques.

Did You Know?

- 1st organic position on Google gets 36.4% of all natural traffic.
- 2nd organic position on Google gets over 12% of all natural traffic.
- 3rd organic position on Google gets over 9% of all natural traffic.

If you are not in the top 3 positions on Google organically, you are missing out on almost 60% of all organic/natural traffic!

What About Paid Traffic?

Most companies do not realize that for every 100 clicks on Search, you get 1 conversion, whether it's a lead or a sale.  If your cost per click is $5.00, that means you will pay $500 for that one lead or sale.  What's your ROI?  Calculate your CPC on every keyword and optimize your landing pages and site with full SEO before you consider PPC. Most companies will be happy to set you up with "the kitchen sink" of keywords and you will lose your shirt. Don't let this happen to you and your business. Talk with only advanced experts who care about your success!

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Whatever your market's search terms are, if your website arrives on the first page of Google in both the natural and paid traffic search areas, you will dominate your entire market and increase conversions (sales) for that keyword. PPC Rep has the expertise and extremely successful results to research your target market's keywords and advertise your online business effectively.

Imagine if all of your major keywords had your website show up on the first page of Google for organic (on the left, underneath the Sponsored links) and paid listings (on the right). How much profit would you make?

It is a statistical fact that Google is the number one search engine consumers use to find products and services that offer the best conversions (sales) for online businesses. When you use pay per click services, you are also advertising on Google's Search Network (not just Google), which includes AOL, AT&T World Net, CompuServe,,, Netscape NetCenter, and Earthlink. This list is continually growing to serve more consumers around the world.

We recommend both pay per click services and continued link building efforts to reach this level of success on the search engines, and link building efforts must be maintained on a monthly basis so your competition does not bump you into the lower rankings or onto the second page of Google. Your website could disappear from the search engines completely without using link building services every single month for organic search results. If no one can find you through either method of online advertising, your profits will obviously suffer.

As you can see by the example below, our client has an optimized AdWords pay per click account and has been a loyal Google customer; therefore, their business benefits from the very top spot for paid traffic. Also note that this online business is competing with a major market search term with over 41,500,000 million other web pages that contain this term, yet still remains the sole business in the top spot on Google's Home Page. This is due to many factors that PPC Rep provides their customers to remain successful with their online advertising.

internet marketing services

You are welcome to review the links on our site to learn more about each of our services and pricing.

Contact Us and let us know how we can help you get more business using our pay per click services, search engine optimization techniques, or any of our other expert services.






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